FUBAR is an acronym that stands for "F**ked Up Beyond All Recognition

FUBAR is an American action-comedy television series created by Nick Santora for Netflix. It stars Arnold Schwarzenegger in his first leading role in a scripted live-action television series and is produced by Skydance Television and Blackjack Films. The series premiered on May 25, 2023.


FUBAR is an acronym that stands for "F**ked Up Beyond All Recognition." It is a slang term commonly used to describe a situation or thing that is in a state of complete disarray, chaos, or irreparable damage. It is often used in informal contexts to emphasize the severity or extreme nature of a situation.


The term "FUBAR" originated in military slang during World War II and has since become a part of everyday language in various fields and industries. It is often used to express frustration, disbelief, or a sense of hopelessness when facing a particularly disastrous or chaotic situation.


While the term is considered vulgar due to its explicit language, it has found its way into popular culture and is sometimes used humorously or ironically to describe less severe situations. However, it's important to note that the term is still considered profane and may not be appropriate for all settings or audiences.


FUBAR TV series

Genre  Action comedy Comedy-drama

Created by      Nick Santora


Arnold Schwarzenegger

Monica Barbaro

Jay Baruchel

Aparna Brielle

Andy Buckley

Milan Carter

Fortune Feimster

Barbara Eve Harris

Gabriel Luna

Fabiana Udenio

Travis Van Winkle

Country of origin        United States

Original language        English

No. of seasons 1

No. of episodes           8


No.      Title                                                    Directed by            Written by   Original release date

1          "Take Your Daughter to Work Day"  Phil Abraham          Nick Santora   May 25, 2023

2          "Stole Train"                                      Holly Dale              Scott Sullivan   May 25, 2023

3          "Honeyplot"                                       Holly Dale              Adam Higgs     May 25, 2023

4          "Armed & Dane-gerous"                   Steven A. Adelson  Penny Cox        May 25, 2023

5          "Here Today, Gone To-Marrow"       Steven A. Adelson   Cait Duffy        May 25, 2023

6          "Royally Flushed"                  Phil Abraham  Scott Sullivan & Lillian Wang            May 25, 2023

7          "Urine Luck"                         Stephen Surjik Adam Higgs & Michael J. Gutierrez  May 25, 2023

8          "That's It And That's All"      Stephen Surjik   Nick Santora                         May 25, 2023 

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